Monday, March 10, 2014

Sacrifice: It's all about perspective

The best people I know have, throughout their lives, made sacrifices
of various natures. That of a hard working dad and a tender hearted mother
The way they honored their sacred commitment to one another. 
The sacrifice of time and effort they made to make our house a home built on high
moral standards. Teachers of every nature who with inspiration taught
to gain knowledge based on righteousness.
Within in the Gospel of Jesus Christ it seems we are expected to give,
tolerate and sacrifice so much. The lists of tasks, responsibilities
and duties goes on and on.
Within the 'task complete' 'success check-mark' or the 'finally that's
over!' We miss the real treasure of seeing how our sacrifice and
effort has been accepted of The Lord.
These words of our Loving Savior which were pressed upon my heart at a
sacred and pivotal time in my life have been vital to me as I have
continued in the service of The Lord.
"In the end it will seem no sacrifice at all, only a blessing"
The nature of God is that of One who is all- knowing, omnipotent and
merciful. All seeing, all prophesying and all FULFILLING.
His promises are sure and reach far beyond our mortal comprehension.
    This sacred and special time of mortality when we get to grow and
experience, cry, love and overcome; we have to opportunity to find
God's eternal blessings in his simple but steadfast words,
"If ye love me, keep my commandments"
-John 14:15
The commandments are calculated for our ultimate happiness.
When we align our will with Gods, we will see greater power in our
lives to resist temptation and develop Christ like attributes. We will
find eternal joy as we fulfill the sacred roles He has given each of
us, as a friend, a family membrane and most importantly as
a disciple of Jesus Christ.
The blessings from heaven with rain down and be all for our gain.

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